Research Program on the Application of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights to a Transitional Civil Administration

In order to maintain its vitality and dynamism at an institution providing training at the academic level, it is essential that it also be involved in research projects. This prospective aspect is particularly important in the field of international humanitarian law. Situations are constantly evolving and it is a question of taking these developments into account and of drawing the consequences of them in terms of the application of the law and also of its possible evolution.

This dynamic approach to matter will translate into lessons. But it was important that the CUDIH also launched itself from the outset in a research project. The choice of this first project focused on the application of international humanitarian law and human rights to a transitional civil administration. Indeed, in a number of situations of conflict, the incumbent authorities have fallen into disrepair, making the application of international humanitarian law and human rights very uncertain, on the one hand, and any protection action And assistance to victims on the part of humanitarian organizations, on the other hand, for lack of minimum security guarantees.

In these situations, humanitarian organizations have sometimes been left indifferent to themselves, endeavoring, whenever they could remain, to save the few they could through the few tasks they were still in Able to accomplish. In other cases, military operations have been initiated, without always anticipating all the problems that would arise. Finally, in a few cases, transitional administrations have been set up. It is on these latter situations that the research project of the CUDIH wishes to give special attention, to examine the questions of applicability of international humanitarian law and human rights and the practical questions of application that arise to such situations Administrations. This study proposes starting from real cases to see what solutions have been found and what lessons can be drawn for the future.

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The study is currently being carried out and covers an 18-month period, in a first phase in any case, with further developments being possible. It will seek from the outset to ensure optimal coordination with all work undertaken in this or related field and to establish a close relationship with the people, organizations and organizations that have had experience in such situations.