Information On Tiburon Naples Golf

Naples, Florida around 100 years ago had less than 40 residents on a full-time basis. The majority of these individuals include characters like “Barefoot Williams” who is known for opening the Eatmore Fish Market located at Fishermans Key. Other characters include Mrs. Ed Frank who lived on top of a family garage and was well known for throwing her leftover scraps into the swamps below for the alligators.

Even back then, the heat-seeking Yankees began to recognize this location as a warm-weather getaway. The very first golf-course was built in the 1920s and is now known as the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.

To date, there are now over 90 golf courses in the area of Naples and surrounding areas, with around 36 that are open for public use and a few private tracks that become available in the off seasons. The green fees are considered a bit high, but there are still options for affordable golf when you use booking-services over the web. Other options are to stay at one of the golf resorts or play in the off seasons when the green fees decrease. Here are Tiburon golf course information.

Tiburon Golf Club

This golf club is positioned in Naples, Florida and features the Black and the Gold course both of which were designed by the name of Greg Norman. This man was a winner more than once at the Open Championship and was once ranked as the top player worldwide. Greg Norman comes from Australia and had a nickname “Great White Shark” associated with the PGA Tour. The word “Tiburon” is Spanish for the word shark.

Tiburon Golf Course opened in 1998 and the Black course was opened in the year 2001. In the year 2006, this club became the very first to make use of the customized Segway golf-carts. This golf club forms part of WCI gated communities and the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort is positioned on the same property and offers these amenities to their guests.

The two private-courses are available to guests who stay at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort Naples. The course are described as tough featuring undulating greens, tight and water fairways, stacked “sod wall” bunkers and bunker complexes. It has been said that the Tiburon Gold course is slightly more forgiving when compared to the Black course.

Alluring while at the same time sophisticated, the two 18-hole courses is the home for the PGA Tour Franklin Templeton Shootout as well as the LPGA CME Group Tour Championship that attracts various top names in the golfing world to this prestigious destination year after year.

With all the outstanding amenities on offer, the main attraction to Tiburon is still the two professional golf courses. The golfers who play on Tiburon enjoy the challenge of the “stacked sod wall” bunkers, the absence of the conventional rough and the coquina shell waste bunkers. The Audubon International has designated Tiburon as a Certified Audubon Sanctuary which endeavors to enhance as well as protect the natural surroundings in this area.

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